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The first FIT Restaurant and Bar in America, FunXion offers a variety of artfully prepared superfood-enhanced dishes and products that are low in calories and rich in nutrients. Whether you're an athlete or a mom-on-the-go, FunXion helps you make better choices with the foods you love.



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The functional foods industry is generating over $100 billion a year, and we're on the cutting edge. Click here to learn how you can start working with us.



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introducing FUNXIONAL FOOD and Beverage.

Try it, and you'll be giving your body the chance to run better.

At FunXion - the food and beverage selection has been specifically designed by an award winning chef and a top nutritionist/dietitian. What that bottoms out to is tasty food and drink with health in mind. Prepared without a drop of oil, a grain of salt or any added sugars - the culinary team had to work overtime to make sure the food offerings and drink options weren't lacking in flavor, spice or sweetness and how they succeeded is a testament to how natural food stuffs can speak for themselves without being doused in fats and salts.

Every dish has been tinkered with and tested until the optimal health benefits are only surpassed by flavor. Every blend and juice concoction has been labored over until every sip is refreshing and boosting with the right mix of nutrients and minerals necessary to give the body and the mind more of what they need to fire on all pistons.

Margherita Pizza

even pizza can be Funxional.

Homemade dough (Funxion style without any salt or oil) rolled to just the right thickness, baked with homemade tomato sauce, low moisture Mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. Piping hot and ready in minutes.

Heart Blend

Meet the ultimate blend for 'cardio health

Freshly juiced beets, carrots, apples and pears are blended with a touch of avocado, protein powder, lemon and cleansing ginger. Served in our convenient biodegradable to-go cup, this blend will be your new walking companion.

Mixed Berry Yogurt Parfait

a tasty start to the day.

Steel cut oats baked with wheat germ and oat bran until just toasted through, tossed with an assortment of heart healthy nuts and seeds and immune boosting berries, layered with sulpher-free dried fruits for sweetness and creamy fat free yogurt,topped with an antioxidant rich Pomegranate glaze. 

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